i’m losing hope and fading dreams and every single memory along the way

so decided to make a tumblr,
I made this for me so i could write what i want,
post what i want without people judging everything!
So today was alright i guess…
i had to stay home and look after my sister.
I didnt mind to much i got a day off, and she actually left me to sleep :)
I then went out with my friend, had an adventure to buy smokes.
being underage sucks!
but we succeeded in the end :D
I then came home and chilled with the family,
then got quite bored and left to go to a friends house for a while
we just chilled, had a pretty good dnm as we walked home and now im here
Sitting here bored, listening to a rather cute song ^_^
which sadly reminds me of you, and i dont want it too
cos your being a fuckhead at the momment.
I just dont get you anymore, you never seem happy with me
you seem so happy around everyone else, ESPECIALLY other girls.
and you tell me you dont like them, you love me?
you dont show it too often.
In a way i kind of just want to leave show you that it gets to me,
but if i do i know deep down you wont stop me.
and ill be the one hurt, and youll just find someone else.
sometimes i wish i never met you,
before you i never knew what it was like to need someone this much,
to be too scared to say the wrong thing because i know ill loose you.
It never used to be like this, you used to care, you used to be the worried one
i guess i deserve this, i used to be how you were,
i just wish you’d care.